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Easy Way to Claim Car Insurance| Easy Way to Claim Car Insurance - Disasters can happen anytime anywhere. Especially for those of you who have a four-wheeled vehicle which is usually called a car. These disasters range from fires, losses, and even accidents. As a form of protection for the car we have is to register our car with an insurance company.

But there is nothing wrong for those of you who have a vehicle to always obey traffic rules. traffic discipline, park your vehicle with double safety lock. Well on this occasion I will share information on how we make a car insurance claim.

For some people rarely deal with the problem of car insurance claims. Make sure that the incident that happened to the car is included in the insurance coverage. How to make an insurance claim is as follows.

Easy Way to Claim Car Insurance
Easy Way to Claim Car Insurance

1 Make a claim report.

Before you report your car insurance claim, make sure you first know the address of the head office, branches and even representatives. No less important is that you must know the email address of the insurance company, Faxsimile, Telephone. Or you can also take advantage of the insurance claim report application using an android-based application provided by the insurance company.

How about the time it takes to make your car insurance claim report. Regarding the time of reporting your insurance, it is in accordance with the provisions made by the car insurance company. For example, if the insurance company requires 3 x 24 hours after the incident, then you can report after 3 x 24 since the incident.

Reporting claims: you can come directly to the branch office, telephone, SMS, or the claim application provided by the insurance company. Usually a claim report must be made a maximum of 5×24 hours after the incident, depending on company policy.

2. Provide Supporting Documents for Your Car Insurance Claim.

Documents are an administrative completeness. Insurance claim documents include driving license, identity card, vehicle registration certificate, archive of insurance policies that you have. After the document is complete you will be asked to fill out a form.

Make sure you have proof of damage in the form of documentation / photo of your car that will be claimed. What concerns you is that the insurance claim documents are different but in general they are the same.

3. Verification and Validation of Car Insurance Claims

After you report to the car insurance company, the company will send a representative to verify and validate your car insurance claim report. The officer will conduct a survey and analysis of the damage to your car. This activity has the aim of ensuring that your vehicle is eligible for insurance and how much loss you have experienced.

4. Waiting for Verification and Validation Results from the company whether your car is eligible for approval for submitting an insurance claim or not approved/rejected.

5. Claim Execution Process.

If the submission of an insurance claim is approved by your car insurance company, you are entitled to a claim reimbursement. And your car will return to good as usual or nothing happens.

Easy is not the Easy Way to Claim Car Insurance? Hopefully the information I have provided about the Easy Way to Claim Car Insurance can help you make a claim for your car insurance.

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