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How to Increase Google Ranking From Page 2 to Page 1| How to Increase Google Ranking From Page 2 to Page 1- It is the desire of all content creators to perch on page 1 of Google. But that's not the case for all content publishers on a site or web. It doesn't even appear on the google page.

The following are tips on How to Increase Google Ranking From Page 2 to Page 1. There are 2 ways you can do to increase your ranking if your post is on page 2 of search results on Google.

First by optimizing your existing pages that give them rankings. for the term you are going to rank for. Or you can create a new page that contains and is more in line with these keywords. What you need to do now is how you will make a decision first.

When will you optimize existing pages? Well, if the keyword you want to rank for is closely related to the topic the page is ranking for, then all you need to do is edit the page to make it more relevant to that keyword.

How to Increase Google Ranking From Page 2 to Page 1
How to Increase Google Ranking From Page 2 to Page 1

For example are as follows:

Suppose I have a page on my website that will rank for a keyword on google analytics, right? Google analytics is a tool to help analyze our website as well as help track traffic on your website.

But in fact, google analytics gives the post value for that keyword in position 14. This all depends on the search engine in searching for searches on that keyword. Please note that Google will display different keywords in each country.

All you need to do is search for these keywords on google and do an analysis of the top 10 results on page 1 of a google search. Please, what topics are closest to those pages that my page doesn't approach?

Is that piece of content longer than mine, or is it shorter?

Do I need it in other words, write more content, or do you really make it shorter and to the point faster?

Is their content better than my page?

What questions do people ask websites on Quora and Reddit about

Google Analytics , or the topic you would rank on page 2 that I can answer in my content section?

Keep in mind that Quora will give us information about what's popular at the moment based on people's voices and views, which is what reddit does. This will help you understand the problems and points people have regarding the subject.

Does google have People Also Ask for that keyword where I can get more questions?

And I will use the results of this analysis to come up with brilliant ideas to improve my page. And will help me increase my chances of ranking higher for those keywords.

Then I will edit my page to make it more interesting and better than other content in the top 10.

Here's what you need to do:

There is a tool called ClickFlow. One of the easiest ways to get your page from page 2 or your ranking from page 2 to page 1, is not actually through backlinks but through click-through rate.

Think of it this way. If you do a google search and a thousand other people do a google search or let's say a million people do a google search for the word car. If everyone clicks on the second result instead of the first result what does that mean for google?

Google tells that, "Hey people who prefer the second result, over the first result. Then we have to change to first rank. And put number two into number one and number one, number two".

Actually this is a really very simple thing. But google will not like that. "Hmmm. Well, you don't have as many backlinks as number one

And even though everyone clicked number two. We're still going to keep number two, number two". This isn't going to happen. They're taking user signals into account.

So when you're thinking about a title, how can you massage your copy in your meta description or title. To maximize the click-through rate? And all you need to do is to do a title tag test. You see who is above you, you will see paid ads because it is based on the quality score. So this is what will give you a very, very good idea.

When you do all this then will help you to increase your clickthrough rate which will then push you up from page two to page one.

Second Way

When do you create a new page for a keyword?


When the keywords you are ranking for are not really related to the topic of the page. given the ranking then you need to create another page related to that keyword.


If we have a site page that ranks to buy Instagram followers. For example this page is titled "how to sell on Instagram without spending a dime"

The topic of the page has nothing to do with buying Instagram followers. And this is a very extreme example, but it happens a lot.

And this is something I really don't recommend because it's not very good. Because this is a fraud against customers or clients.

So instead of optimizing this page for keywords that are not very related to that topic. So I'll go ahead and create a new page. And I'm going to call it, Should you buy Instagram followers.

And I'm going to talk about why you shouldn't do that and in the long run how it can hurt you.

With an existing page giving that rating, I'll create an internal link that points to a new piece of content. So when I talk about selling on Instagram. I'd say "Hi, If you need more followers, take a look at this post about buying instagram followers".

When they write content for this new page, I'll make sure that I follow the same steps and do a top 10 ranking page analysis for that keyword.

This is to see how I'll be able to offer better content than anyone else has ranked for it. If you follow these tips, then you will get better and you will start picking up your rankings.

From page two to page one. And if you're not even on page two you don't have to worry. Use these tips and you'll start appearing on pages six, five, four, three, two and eventually page one.

Hopefully the information I provide related to How to Increase Google Ranking From Page 2 to page 1 can provide benefits for all of us.

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